5 effective ways to Optimize Search Engine Ranking of your blog

5 effective ways to Optimize Search Engine Ranking of your blog

Are you looking out for ways to optimize search engine ranking for your blog? Well in that case here are few tips which can be of great help to you in your mission.

Blogs are one of the upcoming trends of marketing. You will find many companies writing blogs for their products or services. People love reading blogs and this is the main reason for its popularity. In case you also wish to promote your website effectively the blogging is a great option for you. However with the presence of countless blogs on the web these days it has become very tasking to optimize search engine ranking for your blogs. There are few tips which you can concentrate on if you wish to optimize search engine ranking of your blogs in a correct way.

1. Choose featured blogs only

While blogging for your company for free it is important that you choose the best blogs on the web. These days you will find countless blogs online. However not every blog will be good enough. Only few good options will be able to make you reach the top pages of the search engine. Choose blogs with better PR ranking.

2. Concentrate on the titles
Titles are the first thing every individual will see when they read any article or blog. This is why the titles should be written very carefully. It should be small, eye catchy and easy to understand. The reader at once should come to know what the blog contains on the whole just by glancing at the title.

3. Post relevant images
At time words might not have that impact as images do. Therefore adding images to the blogs will help you optimize search engine ranking in a better way. Also images are more likely to the readers thus they will not think much to visit blogs which offer information via images also. So make sure that you choose relevant images for your blogs and post it along with the content.

4. Add keywords to optimize search engine ranking
Adequate use of keywords is very important for you if you want your blogs to rank well. Keywords will help you attract web traffic and better ranking as the search crawlers will be able to locate you easily.

5. Be habitual to timely posting on blogs
Regularity is very important to get good ranking for blogs and moreover sustain it. You will therefore need to regular with your posts. It will be even better if you post it daily. During the initial days daily posting will help to optimize search engine ranking in a better way and you will be ranked better in a very short span. Then you can lower it down to two or three blogs a week also.

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