Activewear Brands To Consider For A Workout

Something that we should all do in our lives is trying to keep fit. Many professions throughout the world consist of working with a computer. Jobs these days are requiring less manual work which means our fitness will start to deteriorate. Hence why we all need to get to the gym to keep fit. 

Keeping fit and healthy is important. One thing that you need for keeping fit is a good activewear brand that is comfy. Not to mention that it will be affordable and relatively stylish as well. Activewear gives you the best of both worlds. Depending on the brand that you pick, you can wear the clothing casually. It is the perfect attire to sit down in front of the television and binge Netflix. 


Gymshark is a brand that is relatively new to the fashion industry in terms of gym clothing. It is a brand that is popular in the western parts of the world. It started with Ben Francis back in 2013 and soon became a successful activewear brand. 

Gymshark is the perfect brand for lounging around in and perfect for the gym. As mentioned earlier, it soon became a global brand and is now worth over a billion pounds. There are many reasons why Gymshark became such a popular brand. The comfort and breathability in their clothing play a massive part for starters. 

It is valued at an excellent price as well. Their gym shirts are priced roughly between £30 to £50. That is for their more expensive material. There are many t-shirts that they sell for less than £25. It is a brand that caters for everybody when it comes down to price. Gymshark is the best affordable and ethical clothing on this list. 


This is going to be the most premium brand on the list. A brand, like many other gym wear brands, thrived during covid-19. Without a doubt, it is an extremely stylish activewear brand that is tremendously comfortable. 

The downside is the price of the clothing. You pay for quality when it comes to clothing which, is why Lululemon is so costly. There are brands out there that charge ridiculous prices for what you get but Lululemon is not one of them. 

This is not just a brand that targets the activewear community only. It also targets other styles of clothing. It has a range of jackets, tailored chinos and gilets on its site as well. If you want to get away from your cheap clothing brands for activewear. Just be prepared to pay a bit more than your usual prices. 

Under Armour 

Under Armour has dedicated its full clothing to gym wear, which is something that you do not see often. Some brands will start as activewear brands and then branch out to casual clothing and other styles. Under Armour have stuck to their morals and continued to make gym wear. 

Under Armour is a relatively expensive brand compared to the other brands. Again, just like Lululemon, it is worth every penny when it comes to their clothes. You can tell it is a brand that focuses on the science behind making clothes. This is one to try out as well if you want to upgrade from your basic gym wear clothing. 


Nike is a brand that you just cannot go wrong with. Not only does Nike’s clothing work perfectly in the gym but, it also looks great for casual wear. They seem to hit all the requirements that you look for when it comes to gym wear. Lightweight, breathable and also makes outdoor gym wear clothing. As well as having a large selection of mens full tracksuits. It is quality clothing at a cheap price. This is something that we all want when it comes to gym wear. 

Nike introduced their dri-FIT technology through Golf back in 1991. Since then, it has spiralled out of control through many different sports. The science behind this style of clothing is something that you have to appreciate. Lightweight clothing that keeps you dry when you are breaking a sweat. What is there not to like? It is also great for going running in when there is a fine drizzle. Many people will wear Nike’s dri-FIT range because it is great for when you are relaxing. Their relaxed fit and breathable clothing are perfect to be strolling around in. 

Nike caters for both males and females when it comes to their activewear. It provides a variety of clothing such as; T-shirts, shorts, biker shorts, leggings, hoodies and sport’s bras. They have a wide variety of clothing on their site so go explore to see what you can find. Nike’s running shoes are helpful for flat feet as well.  

Nike has also released a collection of technical jackets. They have a great selection of lightweight jackets that are great for keeping you dry when it rains. Some of them are a bit too big to be exercising in and are more like a parka. However, there is a few on Nike’s website which you can go running in if you want to break a sweat. 


Adidas is the number one competitor with Nike. Competing with each other for numerous amounts of years. Adidas have a collection of clothing that is similar to Nike’s dri-FIT collection. The Adidas collection is called climalite. Just like Nike, they provide clothing in many different sports such as running, football, tennis and many others. 

Adidas is a brand that has been around forever. They provide exceptionally great clothing that is long-lasting. Something that everybody wants when it comes down to clothing. It isn’t too pricey for the average person neither. Adidas will have plenty of sales throughout the year. Meaning you can get quality clothing at a cheap price.


There are many other activewear brands out there that are good for exercising in. However, these are just some of the best which, have fantastic reviews throughout the gym wear community. Even if you are having a rest day, gym wear is great for just relaxing in because it is so comfy. 

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