Cooking Competition

Cooking Competition

Competition is the act of striving against others for the purpose of achieving dominance. It is a term that is commonly used in numerous fields, including business, ecology, economics, music, politics, and sports. Competition may be between two or more forces, systems, individuals, or groups, depending on the context in which the term is used.

I work in a Hotel as a chef in my second job. Cooking is my passion and I enjoy it when I cook for people. We have a regular guest “Jesse”. He comes 3-4 days a week to eat and drink. He thinks he can cook the best food. He told me he knows he can cook well but I know that he thinks so.

Actually I don’t have any problem when someone cooks better than me. I can learn new things anytime. I was talking to him last week and he asked me how I cook my meatloaf. I told him some of the stuff I put in my meatloaf. After that he asked me if I would like to do a cooking contest against him, because he is sure he can cook the best meatloaf ever. I was very happy when I heard that because I like challenges to find out my limits.

We will cook 100% different because I never use any recipes. I always make my own recipes and I am sure he would bring his recipe book from the library. Anyway I am looking forward to organizing a day for our meatloaf contest. Maybe we can have some guests and journalists from Green Bay Gazette.

It is very exciting and it will be very interesting to do something new. I believe you can cook good stuff when you do that with love. I believe I add my soul into my food when I put spices into my cooking pot.

It is time to show Jesse who is the best. It is time to show everyone I cannot only make web pages, work on building plans in the architecture office, but also I can challenge Jesse in our meatloaf competition.

I will let you know when a date is decided for my cooking contest against Jesse.

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