How To Grow Your Small New Startup by Choosing all the Right Channels for the Marketing?

How To Grow Your Small New Startup by Choosing all the Right Channels for the Marketing?

Getting your first order right might be the biggest achievement for a successful startup. But getting the first deal might be a lot more than packaging and delivering your order since you don’t want your orders to stop right after. The main motto of any business is the infinite life cycle of its existence.

Your first customer could be a channel of your success. Several channels promote your business, but finding the right route can help your business last impact for a long-term result.

So here we bring you some of the finest ways to channel your business exclusively to the targeted group of leads that are likely to become a customer. First, let’s move in with the free, easy trafficking source, then we can head towards the high targeted markets that require a percentage of expenditure. 

Shopify vs. Squarespace pricing, How to choose the right platform for your business: 

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of listing your business on Shopify vs Squarespace:


  • Shopify has several apps to help you diversify your business’s approach. 
  • There are many free as well as premium themes
  • You get 24 hours customer support 
  • They have integrated networking channels with several social media like Facebook and Instagram to help you market your business.
  • They have a user-friendly approach for managing the store. 


  • Squarespace has trendy and designer templates. 
  • The Squarespace has a solid inventory management system. 
  • Squarespace helps you create a strong website building option.

As an online business owner, website designing is an important factor for an e-commerce platform. It helps in creating the first impression and narrates the goals of your brand. 

Suppose you are wondering what to choose when it comes to Shopify vs. Squarespace pricing. In that case, you must remember that  Shopify has the edge over Squarespace in terms of payment processing as they provide support for over 100 payment gateways.

While Squarespace only allows for two payment options, Paypal and Stripe.

Explore the free traffic sources!

Always go for the free traffic sources initially. Then, you can share your business online with your networks and different communities. 

  • Contact bloggers and Instagram influencers and offer discount codes to attract people so that they check your store. 
  • Add the URL of your website to your profiles and promote it now and then. 
  • Promote your brand indirectly, which means if your promotional tactics always involve highlighting your product, then the customers might not be interested anymore. 
  • You need to promote your brand in innovative ways and provide valuable and authentic connections. 
  • Share your stories; your first order might be through your best friend. Your Linkedin, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts might help you boost your brand. 
  • Ask your customers to give your brand direct feedback. When you start making sales through strangers, it’s going to be more satisfying to earn their trust in your brand. 
  • Join Shopify, Reddit communities, and Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook Group and target the specific interest group. In addition, you can take advantage of entrepreneur-focused support groups and learn from those who have been in your shoes. 

Spend money to earn money!

  • Well, it’s as good as a free channel, except you get more traffic and access to more resources with expenditure as low as ten dollars. 
  • Choose your advertising platform wisely. Choose your channels based on your target country, check which social media platforms are popular there. 
  • Complete your profile with curated posts related to your business before choosing paid social media marketing. 

Remember, time does not end if you don’t achieve your sales within the targeted time frame. Timelines might, but hopes should not. In addition, there is intense competition in the market, so it might take some time for your customers to reach out to you if you sell genuine and authentic products.

Eco-friendly packaging, good promotional schemes, on-time delivery, and quality products can differentiate your business from the others and make you last in the long run. 

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