Rightful Compensation Remedies in Cases of Wrongful Death in Boston!

Rightful Compensation Remedies in Cases of Wrongful Death in Boston!

Earlier this summer, a woman in Massachusetts suffered serious injuries after colliding with a utility vehicle. 

The drivers of both vehicles were said to suffer from minor injuries, while one woman passenger had to be immediately taken into the hospital. Eyewitnesses claimed that the driver of the car was driving over the speed limit and overtaking other drivers before hitting the utility vehicle. 

Causes of wrongful death to the female passenger:

  1. The administrator of the woman’s estate can seek out a wrongful death lawyer in Boston and file a wrongful death claim against the driver. He was responsible for looking out for the safety of the woman, which he failed to do. 
  2. It is also possible that the seat restraints failed or the airbag failed to deploy, and in that case, a lawyer can bring a claim against the manufacturers of these safety devices.
  3. The utility truck driver can also be put under the microscope if their negligence was the cause of the death. In observance, if it’s proven that the utility truck driver had enough time to avoid the accident, but either they were impaired, were on their cellphone, or were not paying attention. Some degree of liability shall fall upon them.

Remedies of Damages in Case of Wrongful Death:

  1. In the first category of wrongful death, damages can be recovered from the time of the negligent act causing the death until the decedent’s death. The damages include medical expenses, the deceased’s mental and physical pain and suffering, their lost wages, and funeral and burial expenses.
  2. The second category of damages includes the losses experienced by the descendants after the victim’s death. This category is meant to replace the value of money the deceased would have earned if they had survived. 

Parties Entitled to be Compensated:

In a wrongful death case, the court determines the type of damages to be awarded to the surviving members. Several factors surround the possibility of the compensation depending upon the deceased’s relationship with their family members. 

Children: Minor children are affected the most due to the loss of their parents or guardians. They can recover damages for their emotional trauma and the lost relationship with their parents, including comfort and support. 

Spouse: A spouse is entitled to claim the lost companionship due to the death of the deceased and the emotional trauma that results from the death of their other half. 

Parents: The deceased’s parents can rightfully recover the compensation for their emotional trauma and loss of the loving presence and relationship with their child. 

In the End:

Deaths are not easy, and the aftermath becomes harder to bear. No amount of money or remedy can compensate for the emotional trauma an individual goes through knowing they can never see their loved one again. 

Starting the whole process becomes harder when you alone bear the burden of the liability. Professional legal consultation from the most experienced wrongful death lawyers in Boston can help you get the compensation to start your life with a new perspective. Swartz & Swartz, P.C. have been among the most successful Boston personal injury and wrongful death law firms since the 1970s. Massachusetts wrongful death lawyers have decades of expertise in all types of accidents, catastrophic injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice and product liability claims in Massachusetts, New England, and throughout the United States. They are here to help the victims of traumatic and catastrophic deaths and grave injuries that arose out of negligence due to a third party. 

It can be an accident or a series of negligent events, but what’s lost cannot be regained. In tough times, wrongful death lawyers are who you need to help you get through this difficult situation with ease. 

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