5 Exciting Facts About Wedding Dresses We Bet You Didn’t Know

5 Exciting Facts About Wedding Dresses We Bet You Didn’t Know

Hey there, blushing brides-to-be! Congratulations, you are soon going to begin a love-filled adventure with your soulmate. While there are so many exciting things about the wedding, the one that you can’t stop gushing about is obviously the WEDDING DRESS. But have you ever considered why most wedding dresses are white? What do they symbolize? And, why are they the dream of every woman in the world? If not, now is the time to be amazed because here we present the five exciting facts about wedding gowns and dresses that you did not know.

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  1. White Has Not Always Been The Wedding Color

Most of us associate white formal wedding dresses with an enduring American history. However, that has not always been the case. In the days of yore, American women didn’t wear white gowns but simply the best dress they had in their wardrobe. 

It is after the wedding of Queen Victoria in 1840 that white-hued cute wedding dresses became a trend. Ever since then, every bride in America doll up in a white flared or snug-fit wedding gown while walking down the aisle.

  1. White Wedding Gown Didn’t Symbolize Virginity Before

The original idea of brides wearing gorgeous white casual wedding dresses has nothing to do with virginity or purity. In fact, it delineated prosperity. As white dresses weren’t easily available in traditional days, people believed that only wealthy women could afford them. Later, depending on the quality of the fabric and style, a white wedding dress used to highlight the extent of the bride’s family wealth.

Nevertheless, due to consistent modernization in the fashion world, a wedding dress is now a prominent ensemble that hints towards the bride’s fashion sense and choice. Today, all women, irrespective of their wealth status, can take pleasure in the stylish and sexy wedding dresses of their dreams. 

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  1. Wedding Veils Were Symbol Of Luck

Wedding veils, which are now a fantasy of every bride, and an accessory to complement the mini and midi wedding dresses were traditionally the symbol of luck. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that veils protect brides from evil spirits. Besides, most primitive brides preferred wrapping in a veil from head to toe to hide their faces from grooms, as a part of arranged marriage custom.

  1. The Style Of Wedding Gown Varies From Culture To Culture

Depending on the culture and country, the style and color of wedding gowns vary to a great extent. For example, brides in India and China mostly wear red dresses on their best day. For them, red is the color of fortune and auspiciousness.

However, the present-day wedding culture isn’t restricted to any such rules. Be it America, India, Japan, China, or any other part of the world, brides are now free to pick the style and color of their wedding outfits. Fortunately, most well-known fashion designers passionately offer voguish wedding dresses on sale for daring brides. 

  1. Wedding Dress Used To Pass Through Generations 

In former times, there was the tradition of a mother passing her wedding dress to her daughter. This was done to maintain the family culture and history. Nevertheless, the practice rarely exists these days. 

Today, modern brides like to opt for custom wedding dresses. You will be surprised to know that some fashionista brides don’t hesitate to buy affordable yet designer wedding dresses on clearance sales from online fashion stores. 

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In the End

From being the traditional articles to now becoming more of a fashion ensemble, the concept of wedding dresses has evolved tremendously. Fashion designers and retail stores excitedly bring in unique styles in wedding dresses to help a modern woman make a splash in the world. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your dream wedding dress or gown now to make your best day memorable. 

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