3 Tips To Build An Effective Knowledge Management System

3 Tips To Build An Effective Knowledge Management System

A knowledge management system is a type of IT system that helps in safety and recovery of knowledge. It basically works towards betterment of understanding, collaboration and alignment of processes. A KMS system can be found within organisations or teams and at the same time it can be used as a storage space full of knowledge base for your customers and other users. Now that we know what a KMS system is, let us proceed towards ways that can build an effective KMS.

Source Data And Information

The very first way in which one can build an effective KMS is by sourcing information for it. A company should know what type of knowledge has to be documented in their knowledge platform. In order to understand this you can talk about the common problems and questions that people generally have. Once you get an idea about this, you can further plan on documenting answers to these questions.

Filter out the frequently asked questions and work towards answering them first through your KMS system. You can discuss with your team members about the issues that are facing on a daily basis. After you get a hold on this, sit with your support team and ask them to document these answers once and for all. You can also try using Google analytics to know what people commonly searched on your site. Social tools can also be a great help in letting you understand about the trends or what people are talking about your brand.

Keep Your KMS System Organised

Next tip is to organise your knowledge based system in a way that it helps customers and employees rather than confusing them. For better design and management of KMS you can start with defining categories for every article you document. This will help in distinguishing between different types. It will also save a lot of time. With every included document, you can also attach links to frequently asked questions or training related links. Apart from this, every KMS system should have a sidebar in the document that directly links to a chat. This helps in making the reader understand better as he or she has an option of clarifying all the queries on the spot. You can make use of video, images etc to make people understand what you are saying.

What you choose to include in the KMS is completely dependent on what you believe might be helpful for the users. Try researching and understanding other companies’ KMS as inspiration and reference. яндекс

Analyse And Optimize Your KMS System

Business intranet requires special care and management for the knowledge it has. You need to keep a check on the metric of the documents that your KMS system is filled with. Whether the knowledge article was successful? How satisfactory was the answer to the client’s question? What was the time on page for a particular document etc.

The littlest things can help you in building a successful and functional KMS system. Therefore think and research before you proceed.

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