Don’t Forget to Experiment With Different Vanity Mirrors Styles

Don’t Forget to Experiment With Different Vanity Mirrors Styles

Whether you’re planning to refurbish your shower or powder room or want to just improve the aesthetic of these places, this blog post is for you. There are important points to contemplate when picking vanity mirrors, such as aesthetics or functionality.

Also, there are different shapes for your lighting and mirrors. All of which, if done accurately, can intensify the appearance, feel, and tasks for your showers and makeup rooms. We all feel like avoiding a mirror that is extremely short or fixed at the incorrect height. Keep browsing for some valuable tips, as well as thoughts for your own powder rooms and showers. 

  • Functionality 

When arranging a mounted mirror for your shower, the initial thing you need to acknowledge is whether you require something that gives an extra room. For instance, a cabinet mounted over a stand sink or something that just totally looks excellent! En Suites and showers require room for your toiletries and regular grooming accessories, while powder rooms usually don’t. Consider a shower mirror like a cabinet mirror if you don’t have an area under the sink in your main shower or ensuite. However, if you have sufficient storage already, then you’ll have a diversity of vanity mirrors to pick from!

  • Lighting

Following this, choose what sort of lighting you need to have. Lighting pattern options can add: 

  • Wall sconces over the mirror.
  • Mounted sconces on each side of the glass.
  • A separate parallel light or two on each side of the mirror.
  • Integrated led lighting in your round mirror.
  • Style

Ultimately, what design style do you intend for? Contemporary, minimalistic, classical, or maybe quite a merrier look? The vanity mirrors can be one of the main spots of the bathroom, with some character that will suit the style of the complete room.

Following these key points in mind when renewing or designing your shower will be really helpful in choosing the right size mirror. It can be overwhelming standing in a store without a system; taking much more time to analyze the points earlier will support keeping you on course. 


Most homeowners will frequently go with the more reliable style for the overall styles and position of their vanity, mirrors, and lighting. Nevertheless, getting a little creative with varying shaped mirrors, lighting styles and completing the room off with brighter paint and countertop polishes is never a bad idea. Here are the most hyped, stunning powder rooms for artistic inspiration.

Round mirrors bring an original feel to the room. The curved edges help to bring mellowness and contrast to the other aligned edges. Bring distinction and creativity by stepping away from your conventional square or rectangular mirror.

Narrow, tall, and full-length mirrors matched with side sconces carry a balance to taller ceilings and satisfy a classic modern design style. Vice versa, you could match rectangular mirrors with ceiling decorations above for an overall contemporary take. 

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