Why do toppers need a Medical School Consultant to Ace the Interview?

Why do toppers need a Medical School Consultant to Ace the Interview?

What would you say when somebody asks you, Why do you want to be a doctor? Because it’s reputable, it offers more pay or just because you want to? Of course, everybody will have different answers, but Medical School Consulting Services help you prepare through Medical School Mock Interview, with an approachable answer that would already be locked in the interviewer’s mind.

Even if you know the right answer, are you confident enough to speak your heart out without rambling anything out of confusion? It is expected that your answer should be long enough to sound conversational but not too monotonous that the listener loses interest. Sounds overwhelming, indeed. Well for the fact, this is also the reason why as many as 70% or 75% of interviewed applicants are being rejected or waitlisted because of poor performance in Medical School Mock interviews.

So you know that a Med School Admission Consultant can help you with the Medical School Mock Interview Preparation, it’s important to know certain things so that you are already experienced with the environment beforehand! 

  1. You have already sent your consultant the primary and secondary applications for reviewing that gave them detailed information about you, which means they would like to know what you are, not what you are on the papers.
  1. Then comes the mock interview practice. You will have the edge over other candidates if you are confident and well prepared with the answers. The half-hour session with the medical school consultant will earn you real-time feedback through a digital connection. 
  1. After a few more interview sessions with the consultant, you understand the real-time interview, and the feedback will help you improve in the various fields. So now your session with the real-time med school wouldn’t be such a nightmare as you assumed it to be!

Some tips that will keep you going on the final day!

  • Do not pause for too long before answering the questions. They are stuck with a limited time as many applicants are already awaiting their turn. You can either make it or break it!
  • Be prepared with the interview format. The formats for the interview are  
  • Traditional interview
  • Multiple mini-interview
  • Modified personal interview
  • Hybrid Interview. 
  • Be sure you know which of these interview types is being used by the medical school of your choice.
  • Practise different sets of questions.
  • The scenario type questions
  • Policy type questions
  • The personal type questions
  • Collaboration type questions. 
  • The key to ace these types of questions is practice and confidence. 

What will you answer when asked, Is it ethical for doctors to strike? Or Why is the sky blue? Then what will you answer? Sounds hypothetical, isn’t it? But these medical school questions that randomly pop up can confuse anybody on the spot. That is why you need a reliable Medical School Consultant like AcceptMed to ensure your first impression is a memorable one. Then, whether it’s MMI or a traditional interview, you’ll be ready!

Read about the policies and offers under various packages to decide what package suits the best for your needs. 

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