Probiotic vs Chemical Sanitizers: Which is Better?

Probiotic vs Chemical Sanitizers: Which is Better?

Are you using hand sanitizers on a daily basis ever since the advent of Coronavirus back in 2019? With the influx of the availability of hand sanitizers in the market, mostly organic, alcohol-based, heavy-duty chemical-based, and natural ones, which one do you choose to rely on? 

Which then is better: Probiotic vs. Chemical Sanitizers? 

Probiotic Sanitizers

If you use a probiotic sanitizer with the help of an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, know that the probiotic ones may be better because: 

  • Has Positive Surfaces

They have friendly bacteria that work towards naturally degrading the buildup of soils, grease, food, and other organic compounds from the surfaces that you use as opposed to chemical sanitizers. This not only provides a clean surface but promotes surrounding oneself with a healthy environment. This process itself keeps surfaces cleaner for a longer period of time. 

  • Has a Bio-Approach

Using a Natural Hand Soap has added probiotics that contain beneficial microbes and creates a positive live surface which further benefits the environment. These bacteria work towards degrading fatty oils and organic materials. 

  • It is beneficial for the environment.

As opposed to chemical sanitizers, probiotics in sanitizers tend to reduce the negative effects of heavy-duty chemicals used in different settings – the workspace, home, vehicles, and commercial areas or public places such as schools, hospitals, etc. These probiotics go a long way in removing biofilm and reducing the process of toxins. 

Chemical Sanitizers

Let’s take a look at chemical sanitizers in comparison with foam hand sanitizer dispensers. 

  • Negative Surfaces

Using heavy-duty harmful chemical sanitizers as opposed to natural Foam Hand Soap sanitizers can create negative surfaces. The harmful chemicals within the sanitizer cleaners, although beneficial to kill microbes, do leave a heavy chemical residue, which is bad for the surface used. The prolonged use of these chemicals can cause a toxic overload both in humans and animals such as your pets etc. 

  • It has a Non-Bio-Approach

Chemicals tend to strip all surfaces of both beneficial as well as harmful organics. This can leave surfaces without any good bacteria, which creates an environment where bad bacteria and viruses thrive even after ensuring continual toxic sterilization with rigorous and repeated use of these chemical sanitizers. 

  • Creates a Harmful Environment Overall

Using overly excessive amounts of heavy chemicals increases the toxic overload in one’s environment. In fact, if one had an improper use of these chemicals, it could influence more buildings to face sickness and allergic reactions over time. 

Considering all of these aspects, one can easily say that using an Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with probiotics works better than ever before. 

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