Frequently Asked Questions About Safety Bollards

Frequently Asked Questions About Safety Bollards

If you are considering installing permanent or removable bollards, you are one step ahead from following the standard security measures for safety signs in Australia. Their primary purpose is to create a secure barrier and bolster the security for both commercial and residential spaces. However, if you are newly introduced to the concept, certainly, the list of options can leave you overwhelmed. Not to worry; we have made it much easier for you with this quick article post. First, check out the most commonly asked questions that will help you plan and buy safety bollards according to your requirements. 

So, let’s get started! 

What is a bollard? 

As mentioned before, it is a safety post installed in a residential or commercial space to block off or define an area, helping to increase safety and direct traffic. Generally, one can find multiple options like fixed, decorative, manual, automatic, removable, and lighted. All of them are available in different designs and materials. 

How much do removable security bollards cost? 

Where bollards are more of a long term security and cost effective solution, the cost of every different type varies as per the location, style, finish, and make. Usually, removable bollards are the best selling as they look appealing, are much easier to install, and completely comply with the safety standards. To have a clear idea of bollards, you need to locate a vendor around you who can help you choose a suitable bollard as per your requirements and budget. 

What material is used to make safety bollards?

As stated earlier, different materials are used to make different types of bollards. For example, steel is used for creating more stable and durable bollards. Where stainless steel bollards perfectly beat the corrosion during wet climates, aluminium bollards also ensure corrosion protection and are much lighter in weight. With this, you need to know that it is possible to fabricate custom bollards, especially if you want them to have more aesthetic appeal. Choose vendors offering safety signs in Australia who can customise them for you in your choice of material, size, and design. Still, stainless steel is an everlasting material choice for bollards. 

Do safety bollards require any annual maintenance? 

Definitely, yes. It completely depends on the material and to what degree of exposure it is being exposed. We have to mention that they require repainting and periodic cleaning. You can even go ahead with installing protective covers to increase their lifespan, hence reducing the maintenance requirements now and then. 

How can I order bollards online? 

Absolutely! To make this happen successfully, you need to shortlist some safety signs sellers online with whom you can share your requirements and get a price quotation. Further, you can check out their collection of removable security bollards and other options. Then, whatever you find as the most suitable, you can quickly request them for a callback or a free quote by filling the query form. Just ensure to add the size, preferred material, address, locking mechanism, and other details to deliver your specifications. 

So these were some frequently asked questions about safety bollards. So how do you manage to increase the security of your property? Do you have any permanent or removable bollards installed? How protective, elegant, and cost effective are they? Let us know in the comments; we would love to hear from you. 

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