Style Your Neckline With the Most Intricate and Symbolic Gold Necklaces for Women!

Style Your Neckline With the Most Intricate and Symbolic Gold Necklaces for Women!

Who doesn’t love jewelry, especially when it has deeper meanings than just outer appeal?  The right piece of the pendant will enhance not just your look but your inner personality as well. Every piece of jewelry that makes you feel complete is always worth the investment.

The gold pendant for women can highlight their beauty and symbolize different messages such as security, wisdom, elegance, and prosperity. 

The essential feel and send confidant inducer designs you must-have in your necklace collection are as follows. Just pair them right, as per the occasion and your style, and boom, you are ready to rock everything you lay your eyes on!

Buddha Charm Necklace:

Significance- The Buddha charm necklace is the symbol of luck, peace, and prosperity. The pendant is known to attract positivity, good luck, and peace.

Effect on us-  The Buddha depicted in a meditative pose reminds us of kindness, compassion, peace, moderation, and non-violence in our lives. 

About:  The Buddha necklaces are solid handcrafted sterling silver with 22k gold plates. The pendant is also available in rose gold and silver. 

Mandala Necklace: 

Significance- The mandala is a sacred Hindu symbol with eight spoken wheels that signify the dharma wheel.  The mandala in ancient Hindu traditions was used in ceremonial rituals, sacred art and worship, and spiritual healing. 

Effect on us-  The mandala necklace or the sacred hop is known to clear the mind of any block and improve concentration. In addition, a mandala is said to allow people to connect with the cosmic spiritual power and strengthen one’s relationship with the divine. 

About: The hand graven Mandala necklace is sterling silver and plated in three layers with 22k gold. The size of the mandala incentriced coin is 2cm which is attached to the silver gold plated chain. 

North Star necklace:

Significance- It’s said that the countless stars are the fallen angels from heaven, and for this reason, they are referenced as divine light. The star represents a personal mission statement. 

Effect on us- The north star is said to teach guidance, hope, luck, freedom, constancy, and even life’s purpose. The north star follows a determined direction which helps the traveler lead toward a purposeful destination.

About: The beautiful north star pendant is made of sterling silver with a 22k gold plate. The pendant comes with a Cubic Zirconia. 

Hamsa Necklace: 

Significance- The Hamsa Necklace symbolizes protection and hope. In some religions, it signifies fortune and fertility, while its spiritual meaning is protecting against the evil eye. 

Effect on us- The Hamsa Necklace is said to ward off malicious intentions on us and combine us with the good, dispelling the bad, bringing about positive energy, and removing all the negative energies.

About: the beautifully handcrafted Hamsa Necklace comes in a small batch of chains with 22k gold plated silver sterling. 

Crescent Moon Necklace:

Significance- Our desire for light drives the love for the moon and its related celestial symbols. The crescent moon is said to signify womanhood, fertility, intuitiveness, psyche, and empowerment.

Effect on us- Just like the moon, which is very mysterious yet constant in our everyday lives, our presence reflects our quite yet important significance in the world. 

About: The crescent moon necklace is sterling silver 22K gold plated with a mat finish. 

It’s a piece of jewelry, and you style it according to your taste. Layer it, share it, until you keep on falling for yourself in the mirror; every mix and match fits well. Then, style with meaning, and be a narrative of your own tale.

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