The Different Faces of Kundli

The Different Faces of Kundli

Astrology is a galaxy of which kundlis are a part. While there may be many kinds of astrology, Kundli, however, is an aspect that is unique to the Vedic form of astrology. These astrologers can be found anywhere in the world, so without a doubt, you can go look for the best astrologer in USA, amongst other places.

The concept of Kundli goes like this, in Vedic astrology, when the date, place, and time are ascertained, then the Jatak’s Janam Kundli is formed. This particular horoscope is bound to include the complete details of the situation of the planetary directions. Using the information gathered from these, a person’s forecast is prepared. Here is a list of the different types of kundlis that can be found in Vedic Astrology:


Navamsa is a chart that can easily be associated with Vedic Astrology due to its very popular design. This form, Kundli, is also popularly identified as a D9 chart. Navamsa stands for the nine mass, whereas AMSA stands for divisions or sections. The entire word Navamsa means the ninth section or division of a sign. This chart can be a catalyst in the process of zooming into your life’s aspects up to nine times, which can certainly provide you with some almost life-changing information about your fortune, marriage, and even some events after a certain age. The most popular use of this chart is in marital aspects since it aids in predicting when someone’s marriage is happening and what can be done to avoid delays.

Many believe that the Navamsa activates once a person gets married. This theory has long been debunked as the foundation of the Navamsa chart is created using the main birth chart. The position of the planets in our birth charts are the positions in the zodiac at the time of our birth. To summarise, the second we are born into this world, all our divisional charts are set in motion. So, to ascertain the actual strength and influence of the planets, the Navamsa is to be integrated with the D27 chart.

Lagna Chart:

The Lagna chart is referred to as the exterior of the birth charts. This is so because the Lagna corresponds to a person’s appearance upon birth. If you wish to know some personal facts about a particular person, you can if you have access to their Lagna. It is also possible to extrapolate a person’s appearance by figuring out where these planets are positioned in their Lagna. A person’s facial features can tell a lot about them in manners of character, the potential for success, and their abilities, says best astrologer in New York.

The Lagna chart is devised upon the earth’s rotation on its axis. Hence it can be used to observe the time of the day. Many people believe that the Lagna is supreme, as it is proven that the Navamsa chart cannot be derived with the use of the Lagna chart. The Lagna chart has a massive impression on the people who believe and follow it, with each planet having its importance. A Lagna chart can also be used as a lie detector test to ascertain if a person is saying the truth or uttering a lie.

Bhav Chalit Chart:

Breaking down the term, the word “Bhav” stands for the house, while “Chalit” stands for movement or mobile. The Bhav Chalit chart is a chart that ascertains movement between the houses. The movement of houses tends to happen when the Bhav Chalit chart is created by the Lagna charts and not the Rashi charts. When the Lagna chart is in the middle of the Rashi chart, at around 15 degrees, it’ll be noticed that the Bhav Chalit chart and the Rashi chart will look the same. The Bhav Chalit chart will make a massive difference for the charts where the Lagna chart is away from the middle of the Rashi.

Chandra Kundli:

The Chandra Kundli is created based on where the place of the moon was the moment you were birthed. The moon chart, or Chandra Kundli, is considered as important as the birth chart, as, after the rising, the moon is considered the quickest planetary body. The sign for it tends to change after every two and a half days. Safe to say, any analysis without the moon charts is impossible.